It’s hard to work out what’s more fun. To build an ad with myadbuilder… or to drill down through myreports and get all the detail about all the ads you and others have made. It’s such a powerful tool within the system because you can develop a crystal clear picture of how you’re spending your money during the year. When you track that against your sales, you’ll not only see what campaigns are working for you, you’ll see what types of media are working best for you. If you’re a smart marketing professional or a CFO, expect myreports to become addictive viewing.



The power to track what’s happening

Now you’ll know who in your business network is advertising what and where and when. Instantly drill down and see asset usage, ads created and despatched by user, by team, by region. And you’ll see more than what’s happened. You’ll also see what’s planned. This is the ultimate way to apply complete transparency over all efforts undertaken in every part of your business, placing greater visibility of strategic effectiveness at your fingertips.